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Workshop mit Dan Bloom
To the Edges of Contacting: the other in the shadows
29. bis 31. Juli 2022, München
Teilnahmegebühr: 360,00 Euro (inkl. Raumkosten)

Before there is day, there is night. Before the clarity of contacting, there are shadows at the edges from which it comes. This workshop will explore these shadows.

I will address how the original models gestalt therapy evolved over the decades into an approach that is not merely relational, but uses the sequence of contacting, self, intentionality, the aesthetic of contact, and other concepts to open up to an inter-personal world-field.

The workshop is a journey from our traditional understandings of the theory and practice of gestalt therapy to views that lead us to the edges of contacting. – a place that is the origins of contacting itself.

The edges of contacting is the place where we find ourselves already responsive to the other, where we find ourselves already ethically in touch with the world of others, and where the aesthetic of contacting is the light that shines on the most human aspects of our interpersonal work.

This approach has consequences to our clinical work as therapists, supervisors, trainers, and to our socio-political-ethical worldview.

I will use didactic presentations together with large and small group processes and demonstrations in this seminar.

Dan Bloom JD, LCSW ( is a psychotherapist, supervisor, and clinical trainer, and writer in New York City. He studied with Laura Perls, Isadore From and Richard Kitzler. Dan teaches at the New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy, is guest and adjunct faculty at gestalt therapy institutes worldwide. He has spoken at and given workshops at many international conferences. He leads webinars in gestalt therapy and phenomenology. He is past president and Fellow of NYIGT and past president of IAAGT. He is a member of EAGT. Dan is co-founder of the International Study Group on Field-Emergent Self and Therapy, ( He is an associate editor of the Gestalt Review, a book review editor of Quaderni di Gestalt and a member of the Scientific Board of the Gestalt therapy Book Series. Dan is widely published.



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