Für die Mitarbeiter:innen, Lehrtherapeut:innen und Supervisor:innen des IGW finden in regelmäßigen Abständen Fortbildungen statt.

6. November 2024 in Zürich
15. April 2025 in Würzburg

Mitarbeiter:innen- und Lehrtherapeut:innentreffen
7. November 2024 in Zürich
31. Januar bis 1. Februar 2025 in Würzburg

Interne Fortbildung für Lehrtherapeut:innen, Supervisor:innen und Mitarbeiter:innen der GestaltAkademie mit Lynne Jacobs

Both participants in the therapy relationship are personally and professionally vulnerable. Thus the power is bidirectional, just as it is in therapy and supervision. Each participant has power, although the particular forms of power may be different and the distribution of power may be asymmetrical. But no one is immune from narcissistic vulnerability, including the therapist. Therapists want to have the experience of being liked, respected, viewed as helpful, for instance. How do these desires get managed in difficult therapy processes? Also, themes of power and of vulnerability operate in different ways depending on the situation in which the therapeutical relationship occurs. Are there racial or ethnic differences between the, therapist, and/or the client/patient? Is the the client/patient being evaluated in a formal manner by the therapist? Is the therapist being evaluated by the work setting in which the therapy takes place? Does the the client/patient evaluate the therapist in a formal or informal manner? How do the parties in the therapy relationship navigate the question of what kind of therapy best serves the client and the patient? We will explore together the vagaries of power and vulnerability, in hopes we can become more sensitized to the interplay of power and vulnerability in our therapeutical relationships, and perhaps we can also become more graceful when these themes become disruptive forces in our work.

Das Seminar findet in englischer Sprache statt.

Termin: 26. bis 28. Juli 2024
Tagungsort: München
Teilnahmegebühr: 390,00 Euro

Trainerin: Lynne Jacobs
Ph.D., has long been interested in the relational dimension of psychotherapy, and in integrating humanistic theories with contemporary psychoanalytic theories. She is also interested in what it means to practice as a white therapist in culturally diverse environments. Both a gestalt therapist and a psychoanalyst, she is a co-founder of PGI and faculty analyst at the Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis (ICP) in Los Angeles. She teaches at ICP, and teaches gestalt therapists locally, nationally, and internationally. She has published two books (with Rich Hycner) and numerous articles in both gestalt and psychoanalytic journals.